Kindle Keyboard Battery Replacement Tutorial

The Kindle Keyboard is one of the oldest Kindles made my Amazon. Because of this, the main problem you will run into is a poor battery life. Replacing the battery on a Kindle Keyboard is fairly easy.

You will need the following:

Here are the basic steps.

  • Remove the back cover using a pry tool
  • Unscrew the two screws that hold the battery using a Philips #00 screwdriver or equivalent tip
  • Lift out the battery and replacing it with the new one
  • Reassemble the Kindle

Read further for a more detailed guide with photos for each step.

How to Replace a Kindle Keyboard Battery

Using a plastic pry tool, insert it in between the edge of the back cover and the Kindle frame to remove the back cover.

Do not pry on the page turn keys, or you will damage them. Do not Insert the pry tool too far or you could damage the flex cables.

Once you have loosened enough of the back cover, use your fingers to pry cover loose. You might have to apply a bit of pressure, but the back is stronger than you would think.

Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver remove the 2 screws securing the battery.

Then lift up on the battery to remove it. There will be two washers beneath the battery by the screw holes. Make sure they are still there when you install the new battery.

Kindle Keyboard Battery Washer Placement 2

To install the new battery, insert the bottom of it first and then put the battery in place.

When reinstalling the back cover to reassemble the Kindle, insert the bottom first and then press it in along the sides and top.

That’s it. Your Kindle should be ready to go. If for some reason it doesn’t work, try doing a hard reset by pressing the power button for forty seconds. That often fixes any problems it might have.

Let us know if you tried this tutorial and how it went.


  1. Mary Cassidy


    replaced the battery and stll no power after charging it – now what? Please help!

  2. Tim S


    Instructions and battery replacement worked like a charm. Thank you!

  3. Jim T


    Instructions were great. Quick and easy battery replacement once I realized the back is not fragile. Thanks!

  4. KRP Team


    You’re welcome! Glad to help you get your Kindle up and running again.

    • KRP Team


      I am sorry you are having problems with your Kindle. Does the image on your screen look distorted at all?

  5. Steve Malutich


    Hello. Tutorial worked well, thank you! Took me a little while to get a tool in to the crack in the back cover to finally get it off, but once I got it started, it went well. Glad you warned to not pry near the page turn keys. I did break one of the pry tools provided – one of the ones with the handles – solid handle, not fluted. I could send a picture if that helps. Might I get a replacement for that tool. Thank you!

  6. Honsell


    I don’t remember how long since I bought my Kindle Keyboard but it was one of the first ones. That would be 6+ ? years. Today I replaced the battery but it did nothing. I charged the battery 2 hours and the green light came on. I held the start button for a minute. Nothing. Called Kindle, they said they didn’t see that I had even a Kindle Keyboard reader. Checked battery voltage, 4+V. Can anyone help me>>>

    • KRP Team


      Hi. Do you know if the Kindle was working before you put the new battery in? It might not be a battery issue.

  7. Honsell


    Yes it worked perfectly. I was extremely careful with the replacement. I even put the old battery back in but nothing. I called Kindle but they don’t even show I ever had a Kindle Keyboard. Thank you for your comments. Any more?

    • KRP Team


      Hi. Just to clarify, are you saying that when you put the old battery back in, it still didn’t work? If so, then something must have happened to your Kindle during the repair process, and a new battery wouldn’t fix it anymore. I wouldn’t be able to say what is wrong with it, without looking at it myself.

  8. Adele Brown


    It did not work with new battery. Held again for 40 Sec. Still not working. Now what?

  9. Alan Kemp


    Easy to follow and worked like a charm. Charged up in no time. Thanks for the fast despatch too! USA to New Zealand standard post, less than 3 weeks. Cheers, Alan

  10. John


    The 20 second reset didn’t work for me so I searched and found a fix. With the Kindle’s back still open and the USB plugged in, there are two jumpers you have to short out and then press the page forward button and the Kindle screen came back. Proceed at your own risk..

    To find the jumpers, use a magnifying glass and look at the circuit board just above the on/off switch. You will see “RESET” printed on the board. Their are two square pins (boxes) right next to the RESET letters. Take a small screwdriver that’s end can span between the two pins, and touch the two pins simultaneously. Then press one of the next page buttons.

    • Ed


      Thanks for the reset idea John, but our Kindle keyboard had a black button. My new battery is now recognized and the ? on the battery now gone. Eveything looks good



    I am a (young) 73 years old woman, found my old kindle tried to charge it up again but was unable to. Went looking on the internet came across this site and decided to give it a try. Well it worked perfectly, followed the directions and as mentioned was very hesitant to pull the back off but eventually did, there are little pieces that actually pop together. Don’t be afraid. !
    So anyway replaced it per video, plugged it in and voila, I have my old kindle back. The only fault I had was getting that first pry going, the utensils were not that great but the screwdrivers were perfect.

    Thank you

  12. Honsell


    Hey Paula,

    I am a 79 year old retired veteran and student of life. (Kindergarten it seems…..) Well, I put my kindle keyboard reader back together with new battery carefully but I must have done something wrong. It never worked again. I couldn’t sync it to Kindle. They had no record of it.Then a line appeared on the screen. (I guess the screen isn’t flexible). Sadly, I let it go and now do all my reading on a Kindle Paper White. Same quality and readability. But the keyboard one served my needs for many years. Now it’s the Kindle Paper White.

    I don’t doubt that your Kindle Keyboard Reader will out last both of us. Congratulations on your successful repair!

    Thank you for your comments and lease forgive my late reply.

    Honsell Thompson

  13. Mrs Annette Turner


    Thank you for the tutorial, worked like a dream. It did take a while to get the back off but was easy from that point on.

  14. RB


    Instructions worked great. The screen is coming back just part of it. The rest of the screen shows critical battery. What should I do?

  15. Reply

    Worked simply and beautifully. Thanks for great tools, battery replacement and instructions. Took the kindle maybe 5 minutes of charging before it came to life, so that was suspenseful, but all looks great now.

  16. Rohit Verma


    I replaced the battery no problem but kindle not turning on. Amber light for charging comes on when I plug it in for charging

    • KRP Team


      I am sorry to hear that. Have you tried holding the power button for 40 seconds? If that doesn’t do anything, you might want to try the suggestion in the comment above by Johh.

  17. Ryan Ruckel


    I replaced battery, charged, and followed variety of reset instructions. Still battery with “?”. Followed jumper/reset instructions in comments above and *got rid of the “?”*! But…still won’t charge. What would be the recommended reset if I start over – replace battery again, short the RESET jumpers again … then what? This is Kindle 3 keyboard using official Amazon USB charging adapter. I do get a green light to start charging w. this battery or when doing resets, but that’s it. No charging amber LED or charge result.

    Thanks for the kit, which has really helped, along w. instructions and comments here.

    • KRP Team


      Hello. I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the battery replacement. You mentioned that you got rid of the “?” screen. What screen does it show currently? Also, was your Kindle working prior to the battery replacement?

      Thank you.

      • Ryan Ruckel


        Sorry for the delay in my response, but thank you for your response 🙂 It currently shows the battery image but w/o the “?” No, it was not working – it had been left on and then got set somewhere “on” for a couple of years. I was just hoping to revive it, and I love these old keyboard versions.

        • KRP Team


          I am sorry for the delayed response. It probably has another issue aside from the battery if it wasn’t working before.

  18. Susan Dianne Newberry


    I see this battery is currently out of stock. When will you get this battery back in stock? Thanks!

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